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Venus Vs. Modernity

Black women’s lives matter. Survivours of childhood sexual assault matter. Rape survivors matter.

I will never forgive South Africa for what it did to Fezekile Ntsukela Khuzwayo. I will never forget the decade of gaslighting and misogyny gone buck wild during the Zuma administration. I will never forget being 27 years old outside the high court and being told by women on national TV, “She took herself there. She served her vagina to him on a platter. Men like Zuma don’t take sex. They have no need to. What is so wonderful about her vagina that someone took it at 6, took it at 12, took it at 16, now Bab’Zuma took it too?!” *translated from isiZulu*

Khwezi will forever be a GPS pointing to who we really are. How we deal with her memory is how we deal with women and all survivours of abuse. Saartjie is Khwezi too.

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